Xray X1 2021 - 1/10 Formula

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New Xray X1 2021

The Xray X1 2021, in finally available!


2021 All-new Features:

Development focused on improving durability, improving adjustability for better performance on a variety of surfaces, and resistance to chassis tweak after impacts

Tweak free design improvements achieved with a new rear center pivot mounting system and new pod components

All-new aluminum center pivot mounting system improves traction and stability of the car, eliminates tweak issues, and provides new adjustment choices to position the pivot point.

New one-piece bulkheads achieve maximum durability and eliminate tweak issues after a crash

Graphite rear upper plate redesigned to integrate with the new bulkheads to improve durability and to eliminate tweak after a crash

All-new graphite chassis side braces offer three different installation settings to alter chassis stiffness to match track conditions

New chassis plate updated for the rear pivot and chassis braces

New rear graphite brace integrates with the new side braces and wing mount

New front upper and lower arms improve strength and reliability while working with the new front tube system

New front tube system to adjust the stiffness of the front suspension

New aluminum front anti-roll bar holder lowers the CG

Longer front kingpins for greater range of front droop adjustment to improve the steering characteristics

Stealth looking black design