XRAY Alu-Crossflex Chassis T4F´21

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XRAY T4F´21 Alu-Crossflex Chassis


For the upcoming winter season we have designed the new aluminum chassis for the T4F´21 from scratch. With some innovations :)


The chassis has been significantly narrowed, the width is now 76mm in order to improve the rolling behavior and minimize contact with the ground.Furthermore

, the wishbone holes for the short swing arms have been removed, which means that we were able to narrow the rear contour as well better acceleration behavior results because the chassis so early contact with the ground gets 


in the front area were the Cross Flex inserts replaced by our new X-stiffener, this offers more flex adjustment



Cross Flex: 80

Cross Flex + brass inserts: 123,5g


The Crossflex chassis has already been registered for a patent, the idea behind it is to be able to adjust the weight distribution as well as the flex at the individual points without having to replace the whole chassis.

This makes it possible to stiffen or weigh down only the front (or rear) area independently of each other, which was previously not possible.

The brass inserts can each be fixed on an axis across the direction of travel in order not to affect the flex, and diagonally to increase the rigidity. In order to make the flex even possible despite the inserts, the other fixing surfaces are offset by 0.3mm, with the "flex" setting the panes have to be removed, with the "hard" setting the panes must be inserted while maintaining the inserts 


=> It is easier than it sounds;)


Our aluminum chassis are black anodized and laser engraved