VRX HR3 GRP Hotrod Kit

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NEW - GRP layered Chassis  

NEW - Lipo/NIMH Adjustable battery position bars 

NEW - Droop screw position **(option)

NEW - High Spec Ballraced Rear Pod  

NEW - Lower Motor Position with Option parts added **

NEW - Lightweight & Low Centre of Gravity 

NEW - Easy Front quick plate Ride Height Adjustment. Full spacer set included

NEW - Caster brace Adjustment  

NEW - Fully adjustable body post set  

NEW - Front Axles bearings

NEW - Slotted Servo Mounting Positions

NEW - 48T 32dp Grillon spur gears. Z-Drive option available **  

NEW - Full Range Of Optional Colour Coded Springs 

NEW - Revised Front Body Mounting position for Improved Handling

NEW - Front Kingpin Brace as std 

NEW - Super Low Rear Roll Centre Pivot Height for Extra control

NEW - All Black Fixings as Standard

VW Shell include in Lexan 

Tweak Free Battery Mounting  

Simple Rear Droop Adjustment **

High Tensile Steel Hex Screws Used Throughout


Accepts A Huge Range Of Industry Standard Bodyshells, Motors