VRX HR3 Carbon Hotrod Kit

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 - Carbon layered Chassis  

NEW - Lipo/NIMH Adjustable battery position bars 

NEW - Droop screw position

NEW - High Spec Ballraced Rear Pod  

NEW - Lower Motor Position with Option parts added **

NEW - Lightweight & Low Centre of Gravity 

NEW - Easy Front quick plate Ride Height Adjustment. Full spacer set included

NEW - Caster brace Adjustment  

NEW - Fully adjustable body post set  

NEW - Front Axles bearings

NEW - Slotted Servo Mounting Positions

NEW - 48T 32dp Grillon spur gears. Z-Drive option available **  

NEW - Full Range Of Optional Colour Coded Springs 

NEW - Revised Front Body Mounting position for Improved Handling

NEW - Front Kingpin Brace as std 

NEW - Super Low Rear Roll Centre Pivot Height for Extra control

NEW - All Black Fixings as Standard

VW Shell Included in Lexan 

Tweak Free Battery Mounting  

Ball Bearing Front and Rear Axles

Adjustable Ackerman 

Simple Rear Droop Adjustment

High Tensile Steel Hex Screws Used Throughout

Fully Adjustable Body Mount System

Accepts A Huge Range Of Industry Standard Bodyshells, Motors