Type-12 Crossflex brass inserts

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Type-12 Crossflex brass inserts (8 pieces) 


Suitable for:

-XRAY X12´21


Crossflex: ... g

Crossflex + brass inserts: ... g

(inserts ... g)


The Crossflex chassis has already been registered for a patent, the The idea behind this is to be able to adjust the weight distribution as well as the flex at the individual points without having to change the whole chassis.

This makes it possible to stiffen or weigh down only the front (or rear) area independently of each other, which was previously not possible.

The brass inserts can each be fixed on an axis across the direction of travel in order not to affect the flex, and diagonally to increase the rigidity 


The scope of delivery includes the associated screws (45 pieces) and washers (20 pieces), you can find suitable screwdrivers in the shop (1.5 mm tip)