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TDK Gen 2 Tire Sauce

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TDK Gen 2 Tire Sauce is a nearly odorless, yet extremely effective sauce that provides a quick break-in and gives tremendous traction. TDK Gen 2 helps your tires and foams last longer compared to TDK High Grip yet provide more traction. 




After months of testing and development, we are excited to present our next generation of safe and bio-degradable tire sauce. We tested and tweaked our formula to work better on and off-road. For Off-Road TDK Gen 2 has been designed to work with modern Synthetic compounds and provide improved tire life and foam life for all compounds. For On-Road, TDK Gen 2 will work best on gray carpet or asphalt tracks.




TDK Gen 2 may freeze below 60F, this is normal and does NOT affect the sauce. Please thaw until it is entirely a liquid before use.