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OPS ONYX V2 4450mah 2s1p Shorty Low Profile Ultra

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Each O.P.S pack is tested prior to shipping out to make sure it is free of manufacturing defects. Includes cell matching and IR test. This information can be sent to yourself if required.


- BRCA Approved.


- Updated Sealed Casing. 


- Tested for Nearly 2 Years with Excellent Feedback from our Team.


- High discharge cell rate. 


- Lowest Internal Resistance To Date.


- Cell Discharge Curve Designed for Voltage Recovery- Peak RPM. 


- Cell tab size Increased, Improves Performance-Operating Temperature Ranges.


- 5mm High Amp Load Bullets Soldered direct to lower the IR.


- V2 lithium Separators to Improve Performance and Reduced Temperature.


- Increased runtime, Extended Cycle Life.




  Specification details are below.


  Size: 18.5mm x 47mm x 95mm 


  Measured MAH: 4450mah


  Rated Voltage: 7.4V


 C rate: 140c


 Weight: 165gr     


 Wire size: 5mm Bullets


 Max Discharge Current 94amps


 Max charging Rate 1c (4.45amps) - 3c (13.35amps)




Finally, if you want your batteries to have a good life cycle think about your charging system and your monthly process. Need any support with this, please contact me via Facebook or email.


Advised to charge rate of 1C to 3C please note that a higher charge rate will put less mah into the pack and will reduce cycle life.


I recommend that you do not run your packs at a low voltage this can reduced your life cycles on your packs. Also, can void warranty. comes with 12 months warranty.