MMX Brass Kit

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Awesomatix MMX Brass Kit 


62g brass kit for Awesomatix MMCX incl. Screws for Motormount weights 

(2pcs M3x10 + 2pcs M2,5x10)


Compared to the original rear-stiffener weight we decided for an asymetric shape to get more space for ESC (no influence on symetric Flex)


The floating receiver/fan weight can be moved 3mm forward/rearward by turning for best use of available place in your car.

For use it floating you need to add a ~0,5mm shim between chassis and weight


Note: for the floating weight you need to make a new hole into your chassis, drill stencile included.

The floating weight is made for Carbon-Chassis and not for Alu or our Crossflex chassis!


Total weight 62g