CARTEN T410R 1/10 4WD Touring Car Racing Kit

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he T410R is the racing model among the CARTEN touring cars. The shaft drive enables a very low-friction drive train and is supported by the complete ball bearing set. Conical differentials, oil pressure dampers and the fully adjustable chassis enable perfect coordination on all racetracks.


The CARTEN T410R is the perfect vehicle for beginners and ambitious drivers who want to develop further in the RC hobby.






Complete with ball bearings

Steel CVD drive shafts

Carbon fiber chassis, top deck and shock towers

Aluminum cardan shaft (middle)

Aluminum bracket for main gear

Aluminum 12mm wheel hub

Aluminum shock absorbers

Metal gears in the differential

Track width: 190mm

Wheelbase: 258mm

Internal gear ratio: 1: 2.53



Scope of delivery: 1 kit with instructions




Required accessories: remote control + receiver, motor, controller, steering servo, battery + charger and body








The T410R is the racing platform from CARTEN RC. The car is based on a carbon fiber chassis and includes a fully adjustable suspension, oil filled shocks and a very efficient drivetrain with gear diffs and a center drive shaft. You can adjust all important parameters to find a good setup for all tracks.


The CARTEN T410R is a great car for beginners and enthusiastic hobby drivers who want to learn and improve their skills in the RC hobby.






Complete set of ball bearings

Steel CVD driveshafts

Carbon fiber chassis, top deck and shock towers

Aluminum center drive shaft

Aluminum track gear mount

Aluminum 12mm wheel hexes

Aluminum shocks

Gear differential with steel gears

Width: 190mm

Wheelbase: 258mm

Internal gearing: 1: 2.53



Content: 1 car kit including manual




Important: Electronics, tires, wheels and body shell not included!