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The New Mardave FP1 Carbon F-1 from Mardave is the latest car in the world of F-1 racing. It features a new Carbon Fibre layered chassis for ultra fast performance, and Tuneabilty with its multi layer Brace system. The New design and layout helps driver tune there car for Club use and National performance.  

F-1 is competitive racing and the FP1 includes all the adjustments and technology for the modern Club and National Racer.

FP1 - C Specification 

    • Full length carbon fibre chassis for increased rear traction.
    • longitudinal stiffness using a topplate and side brace set.
    • Adjustable wing mounting position for Maximum wing performance.
    • Fully adjustable front end (Wheelbase, track width, ride height, camber, caster, .
    • Damper tube style rear damping for bump riding and cornering performance. New big bore design capable of managing large bumps and much longer lasting damping, using larger capacity of oil.
    • lightweight steel rear diff axle included. 
    • Lipo mounting using o-ring fixing with easy loop over design. 
    • Carbon & Aluminium servo mounts
    • Thread wishbone inserts make working on the car simple.
    • Balanced left rear wheel clamp.
    • Independent roll and bump springs with low centre of gravity.
    • New low motor position.
    • Low centre of gravity alloy rear transmission housings.
    • Adjustable anti-squat and pro squat,  
    • 88t 64dp Kimbrough high efficiency spur as standard  
    • - Full range of optional springs, front, side and rear.
    • - Fully adjustable body mounting system.
    • Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.
    • Adjustable rear ride height using interchangeable inserts  
    • Adjustable front ride height using optional slide in spacers. 
    • High tensile steel hex screws used throughout.
    • Mon-Tech front and rear wings included in the kit